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Bossy Beats caters to those who have a passion for music, giving you the information and tools you need to produce almost any type of track. Rap, Hip hop, Electronic, Dubstep and any other type of Urban beat, we highlight established artists, up and comers, and promote newbies to get into the game.

With a passion for music and the industry as a whole, we are here to educate the public on how to do it yourself. If you have a beat in your head you can throw it down in no time, either produce it yourself or sell your completed beats for others to lay their vibe down.

Who Reads Bossy Beats

  • People with an interest in creating their own tracks and beats

  • Pro’s looking for an edge or the latest news on the industry

  • Beginners looking for the best resources to create beats

  • Artists and fans alike, promote yourself or your favorite artist


Our extensive research in the digital audio workstation scene has left us with the unique ability to educate beginners, steering them in the right direction from the get go so you can lay down tasty tracks without getting discouraged. Tips & Tricks, advice and reviews, not to mention a good deal of music we have found that might inspire.

Bossy Beats is a community, if you have questions, ask us or the community, friendly useful advice to keep you motivated. Upload your tracks or video’s and get exposure and feedback, let us spread the word for you on our twitter feed and feature articles, we love to promote newcomers who lay down bossy beats.

While there are many digital workstations to choose from, we promote the best one we have found in our travels, a program called DubTurbo. It offers a wide variety of samples to choose from and lets you upload your own if you want. Catering to urban music specifically, perfect for rap, hip hop, dubstep, electronic, house, trance, even jazz. If you have any interest in becoming a successful music producer this is the best starting point, between this extensive beginner friendly program and the information provided at Bossy Beats, you set yourself up for success.

Seize the Opportunity

Technology has come leaps and bounds in the past few years, at one time it was only possible to create studio quality beats in a studio. Limiting the availability to those who can afford costly studio sessions and expensive equipment. This is no longer the case! Just recently it became possible to make studio quality tracks using nothing more than your computer or laptop.

This exclusive career opportunity is now available to the masses, take that beat in your head, throw it down in minutes and share it with the world! Make sick bank selling your beats and eliminate the start up cost of thousands of dollars of equipment and studio time.

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Thank you very much for visiting our site and we hope we have what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on our beat making tips to make anyone into a beat maker. If you find something helpful please share it with your friends and let us know.

If you want to be featured on the site, or if you want to guest post please contact us; we love to hear from our readers. Any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to message us, we want to help you create professional quality beats and make them a huge success. Hope you find us helpful and entertaining!


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